Sheila Heti

Sheila Heti is interviews editor of the Believer.

  • June 2012: Interview with Sophie Calle
    September 2011: Interview with The Process
    A conversation with artist Hilary Harkness about her painting Alice at Loggerheads.
  • June 2011: Micro-Interview with The Process
    A conversation with artist Dorian FitzGerald about his painting Table Decorations, Oprah Winfrey Party for Sidney Poitier.
    March/April 2010: Interview with Charlyne Yi
    “Hey guys, I’m wearing a sweater. What’s going on?”
    October 2009: Interview with Agnès Varda
    “The Grandmother of the Nouvelle Vague” at thirty, Varda now has more than thirty-five films—and several grandchildren—to her name.
    February 2009: Interview with Mary Gaitskill
    The author of Veronica and Bad Behavior explains the difference between shame and guilt, between emotion and sentimentality.
  • November/December 2008: Interview with Frank Stella
    A conversation with a major American artist at 11 in the morning at the Toronto fitness center where his work was being shown.
  • February 2008: Interview with Mary Midgley
    The formidable British moral philosopher on the ideology that comes boiling up out of books that get sold as science.
    November/December 2007: Interview with Dave Hickey
    “I do not want to be fair. I want the art I hate to go away. If you want your art to stay around, and I hate it, get your own fucking critic!”
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