April/May 2018
HAGS in Your Face
by Michelle Tea

The untold story of the fierce young dyke gang that reigned over San Francisco in the 1990s.

A Comedian Speaks to Your Concerns
by Aparna Nancherla

Funny people answering serious questions.

Vanna White
interviewed by Leopoldine Core

Donald Hall
interviewed by John O’Connor

Hayden Bennett on fiction as a machine

M. Lynx Qualey on the literature of the Lebanese Civil War

David Roth on a sprawling history of dishonesty

Hiya Swanhuyser on a forbidden literary device

How to Talk to Bears
by Tennessee Jones

Tool: Keurig K55 Coffee Maker
by Dave Schilling

“Nocoitus Lotion”: a new poem
by Alana Folsom

“Get Out”: a new poem
by Matthew Minicucci

“Rose Has Hands”: a new poem
by Maggie Smith

Midwestern Gothic
by Barrett Swanson

The death of a friend leads one writer down a rabbit hole of online conspiracy.

The End of Evil
by Sarah Marshall

Ted Bundy has long been viewed as America’s most infamous psychopath and a criminal mastermind. But what if the story we’re telling about him isn’t accurate?

Maria Bamford Speaks to Your Concerns
A new advice column that features a comic answering serious questions.

Jeff Wall
interviewed by Greg Buium

Daveed Diggs
interviewed by Sheila Heti

Mira Gonzalez in conversation with Audrey Wollen

Mierle Laderman Ukeles
interviewed by Carmen Winant

Alain de Botton
interviewed by Amanda Stern

Monica Westin on the history of The International Cloud Atlas

Martin Seay on meteorology metaphors

Bijan Stephen on our emotional weather

Adriane Quinlan on umbrellas in literature

Daniel Levin Becker on environmental disaster movies

The Greatest Personal Privation: a new poem
by Tracy K. Smith

“Wife in Reverse”: a new poem
by Hala Alyan

Rachel Z. Arndt on “the relentlessly quantitative mind-set” of Amazon

Stephanie Burt on Buffy’s favorite stake

Lynne Tillman
interviewed by James Yeh

John Cale
interviewed by Melissa Locker

interviewed by Ross Simonini

Grace Simonoff Dunham
in conversation with Grace Simonoff Dunham

Outside the Manson Pinkberry
by Rachel Monroe

An obsession with the melodrama of cults and murders is common in teenagers – but some people never lose interest.

Big Mother
by Clancy Martin

With all his faith used up, and on the verge of losing his right to see his kids, a father turns to an impersonal technology to restore the trust of his loved ones.

Hanya Yanagihara
interviewed by Alexis Cheung

Rob Zombie
interviewed by Andrew Paul

Song of Songs
by Melissa Febos

An intrepid correspondent explores the relationship between music and the female orgasm.

The Disciplined Utopia
by Stephanie Elizondo Griest

A month with the Odissi Dancers near Bangalore, India

Lil B
interviewed by Steve Roggenbuck

FALL 2015
Satan in Poughkeepsie
by Alex Mar

Anton Lavey exposed the show business of religion when he founded the church of Satan. Half a century later, its high priest holds afternoon tea in suburban New York.

Amber Tamblyn
interviewed by Rachel Matlow

“If you’re doing something that terrifies you, most likely you’re doing the right thing.”

The Accidental Swami
by Michael Schulman

Does Groundhog Day hold the key to existence? Ask the screenwriter.

Sea, Stars, Salt Lake
by Anne Valente

Margaret Drabble
interviewed by Lydia Perović

Ben Lerner
interviewed by Tao Lin

On the occasion of publishing his second novel.

MAY 2014
The Compassion-Passion Machine
by Deenah Vollmer

Can a cardboard box generate empathy between two strangers? Can it help them to fall in love?

APRIL 2014
The Devil in Massachusetts Katie Ryder looks at a history of Puritan justice via Tsarnaev’s trial and WGN's Salem.

MARCH 2014
Vivian Gornick interviewed by Madeleine Schwartz

Elizabeth Gilbert interviewed by Vendela Vida

Tao Lin in conversation with Michael W. Clune

JULY 2013
Richard Rodriguez [Journalist, Essayist]
interviewed by Alex Park
“When a society doesn’t know what to do with its young, it’s in real trouble. When the young don’t know what to do with society—at the very least, revolutions start there.”

APRIL 2013
Margarethe von Trotta
[Film Director]
interviewed by Lydia Perović

MARCH 2013
Renata Adler
[Journalist, Critic]
interviewed by Alice Gregory

Joshua Harmon examines representation and alienation in the music videos of Def Leppard and A Flock of Seagulls, as part of his Annotated Mix-Tape Series

JUNE 2012
Marc Maron
[Comedian, Podcast Host]
interviewed by Kyle Dowling

JUNE 2012
Grass Widow
interviewed by Tobi Vail

APRIL 2012
American Isolato: The Rise of the Serial Killer As Anti-Hero
by Ginger Strand

Jim Woodring
[Artist, Cartoonist]
interviewed by Ross Simonini

Joan Didion
interviewed by Sheila Heti

“Fire Island Slideshow”
Jon Cotner & Claire Hamilton

Mindy Kaling
[Actor, Writer]
interviewed by Kathryn Borel

David Shrigley
interviewed by Jason Polan

Ben Lerner
interviewed by Tao Lin

On the occasion of publishing his first novel.

JULY 2011
Douglas Rushkoff in conversation with Genesis Breyer P-Orridge

Photographs to supplement Michael Light in conversation with Lawrence Weschler

Barry Hannah
As a supplement to Barry Hannah in conversation with Wells Tower, we're glad to offer—courtesy of the Relay Project and Jamie York—this audio clip of Barry Hannah from 2004.

Concerning the Spiritual in Indie Rock
by Judy Berman

A Kandinskian look at the metaphysical proclivities of certain indie rockers.

interviewed by Ben Bush

Adam “Doseone” Drucker makes artifacts from the fictional world of his albums, impersonates Gwen Stefani, and explains why poets’ skulls are covered in black and white stripes.

JULY 2008
Matt Bai
interviewed by Stephen Elliott

“The history of American politics is not the history of the same old government solving new crises at pivotal moments. The history of American politics is about courageous leaders figuring out how to make the government evolve.”

JUNE 2008
Melissa Holbrook Pierson
interviewed by Alan G. Brake

On the downside of urban renewal and the upside of nostalgia with the author of The Place You Love Is Gone.

MARCH 2008
Sandy Reynolds-Wasco
interviewed by Shana Nys Dambrot

Quentin Tarantino’s Jack Rabbit Slim’s, Wes Anderson’s Tenenbaum brownstone, Michael Mann’s taxi cab. Sandy Reynolds-Wasco, the set decorator behind these and many more, talks about the relationship between set and story, the art of film decorating both real and abstract, and the cinematic magic of interesting architecture.

MARCH 2008
No Shell, Just a Ghost
by David Givens

Tracing a path of memory and experience through childhood, cinema, Kate Beckinsale, and snow.

JUNE 2007
Ted Leo
in conversation with Tom Scharpling

“The spirit of that conversation is something that from pretty early on has surrounded every aspect of what we’ve done, whether that’s playing live or even down to how wordy a lot of our songs are.”

’Till the Day That I Drop
by Dan Kois

Dan Kois goes to bat for the late Robert Altman’s much-maligned Popeye film.

Dana Spiotta
interviewed by Liza Johnson

The National Book Award finalist discusses the imaginative, revelatory, and immersive powers of research.

The Last Antiwar Poem
by Rolf Potts

Allen Ginsberg’s poem “Wichita Vortex Sutra” seems doomed to be eternally overshadowed by the poet’s celebrated “Howl”. Rolf Potts explains why this lesser-known work — which he calls an elegy for the power of language in an age of competing information — has never been more relevant.

JUNE 2006
Jamie Lidell
interviewed by Baron Von Luxxury

Warp Records’s pasty-white-iest pioneer of future-retro R&B talks about his music, his live performances, and why Brian Eno never burns out.

APRIL 2006
T Cooper
in conversation with with Sigrid Nunez

A glass of cool, clear water? Or sentences on the forearm? Sigrid Nunez and T Cooper hash out their experiences as authors, readers, reviewees, and animal observers.

JUNE 2005
Miranda July
interviewed by Eli Horowitz

Eli Horowitz talks with Miranda July — the mind behind the acclaimed film Me And You And Everyone We Know — about filmmaking, performance art, mundane longing, and a short taxonomy of interview questions.

APRIL 2005
SXSW OnDemand
by Matthew Derby

Matthew Derby endeavors to create, attend, and enjoy his own personal customized five-day South by Southwest music conference (no matter many blank stares and skeptical retorts he has to endure while explaining it to associates and loved ones).

Not Enough Protection from the Song
by Matthew Derby

It cannot have escaped your notice that something about the Arcade Fire has ignited, exploded, and cauterized the minds and souls of indie music listeners during the past year. Matthew Derby attends two of the bands’ shows and returns with reflections on what exactly this group of startled young North American citizens is doing to everyone.

George Lakoff
interviewed by James Verini

The man who would teach the Left to stop speaking the language of the Right tells James Verini a thing or two about “framing”.

Steve & Mark O’Donnell
interviewed by each other

Accomplished showbiz writers Steve O’Donnell and Mark O’Donnell talk with each other about comedy-writing, novel-writing, and the “freak-show angle” regarding their being twin brothers.

The Passion of the Morrissey
by Chloe Veltman

During his tenure as frontman for the Smiths, this gladioli-strewing, hearing-aid-wearing waiflet of a man inspired fan devotion worthy of a deity. Why, then, wonders Chloe Veltman, might he take his own advice to a “silly old man” in “misguided trousers” (aka Mick Jagger) and “get off the stage”?

Where Are The Real Niebuhrians?
by Alan Koenig

Reinhold Neibuhr saw the real problem with American intervention, writes Alan Koenig. The neoconservatives aren’t listening.

JULY 2004
Luc Sante
interviewed by Stephen Johnson

Stephen Johnson talks to Luc Sante about low-lifes, writing, and the “founding myths” of our country—though there may not be much difference between the three.

JUNE 2004
Dogsbody Does Dublin
by Jim Ruland

On the 100th anniversary of Bloomsday, Dogsbody leader and casual Joycean Jim Ruland is at the nineteenth International James Joyce Symposium in Dublin. Mental inebriation and drunken, tweedy weavings abound in the hallowed university halls and the less-than-hallowed pubs.

JUNE 2004
Dan Chaon
interviewed by Tom Barbash

Tom Barbash talks with Dan Chaon about his books Fitting Ends and Among the Missing.

Jack Black interviewed by Daniel Handler
Daniel Handler interviews Jack Black about weddings, shortly after the release of School of Rock.