The Believer is Back

We know it's been a long hiatus, and we know
it may take a while for this to sink in, but:

Starting with our August/September '17 issue, we will
Publish bi-monthly from our new home in Las Vegas, Nevada.

We’re going to bring you special issues, new columns,
and bonus material, and we will do this all while
wearing an old pair of Tevas because it’s straight up
too hot to wear shoes down here and we lost our
flip-flops during the move.
Please read. Please subscribe. And come visit. Our
new headquarters is the Beverly Rogers, Carol C.
Harter Black Mountain Institute, an international
literary center at UNLV. The best time to see us would
be the spring, when the neon is blooming, and when
we’ll be hosting our annual festival for the magazine.

We kicked things off in the spring of ‘17 with
Miranda July, Dave Eggers, Luís
Alberto Urrea, Sally Wen Mao
and many others. Everyone had a lot of fun and
talked about books and American Dreams; we can’t
wait to do it over and over again. Please join our
mailing list at And if you haven’t
already, will you subscribe? You won’t regret it.
There are a lot of good things on the horizon.